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Capital Confectioners' Day of Sharing

The Capital Confectioners Club of Austin, Texas, is holding their annual Day of Sharing on July 20th, 2014 from 8am-5pm at the Wingate by Wyndham Hotel & Conference Center, 1209 North Interstate Highway 35, Round Rock, TX 78664. Demonstrating are sugar artists Norm Davis, Zane Beg, Ruth Rickey, Dena Collins, and Patti Wright. Norm and Zane will be teaching additional classes before and after the event. Fabulous raffle prizes including a KitchenAid mixer, KitchenAid pasta attachments, and an Agbay leveler, plus vendors with great deals. Continental breakfast and catered lunch included in $35 online registration fee ($45 after July 6 and at door).

Watercolor tat?

Anyone have an artist in the area who can handle some watercolor inking?

Seeking actors for Frontera Fest one-act

Hi, Austinites!

I'm trying to finalize my casting for the one-act play I have going up in Frontera Fest this January. It's a dramatic performance about the cyclical nature of abusive relationships. I am seeking one male 30+ (no other requirements) for a speaking role, and one adult (no gender or other requirements) for a nonspeaking supportive role.

I'm funding this out of my own pocket, so I can't offer pro rates, but I am willing to negotiate token payments. I'll also provide food during rehearsals.

Email me at for more details. 

Police by McNeil?

Anyone know what's going on with all the police activity over the last two days in the Élan apartment complex at McNeil and 183?

Any punk rock bass players around here?

Riverside Riot is looking for a new bass player. Our influences include everything from ska and surf to hardcore, but lie mostly in the range of street punk, oi, and skate punk. Think Black Flag, Rancid, Off!, Subhumans, and the Dead Kennedys. For a better idea of the sound, check our Youtube.

We have no illusions about fame and fortune, but we're committed to being an active part of the local scene, getting our name out there, and maybe eventually getting some shows that pay more than just beer money. You should be, too.

I'm the manager, which is why I keep saying "we" instead of "they," by the way. If you're interested, you can contact me, or get a hold of us through the Facebook or Craigslist ad.

Home renovation stuff

I want to have some renovations done on my new condo before I move into it. This is my first time owning a home, so to say I'm clueless about this stuff is an understatement. I'm looking for some recommendations!

1). The ceilings have that nasty popcorn texture and I want it scraped off and smoothed out. The living room has a cathedral ceiling that goes up to about 15 feet at one point. While they're up there, I'd also like to have the beams that go across the ceiling painted white.

2). I need to replace a bathtub. The bathroom is small, so they're probably going to need to take the toilet out to get it in there (so says my realtor).

Anyone have a person they'd recommend for one or both of these jobs?


I sure wouldn't want to be Jay Carney today

central market chicken salad

this is random, but ive moved away and have been having a craving for the apricot almond chicken salad from central market and im missing something in the ingredients when i try to replicate.  anyone willing to take and send me a pic of the ingredients from the container next time they go to the store?

Apartment locators?

Who has a locator they actually liked? I am moving back to the area after a few years away and my job didn't tell me until last minute so I'm working from 3000 miles away with a week of notice. Difficult!

I know prices have inflated a lot in the last two years and I am at a loss.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Here is what I'm looking for if you have specific suggestions.

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