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Cheap, Reliable Car Search

Most honest side-of-the-road dealership? You know, not the official ones - the little used car places we all know and love.

Pluses if you can recommend any in/near 78704, but I'll travel for good & honest deals.

Thanks for your help!

i am vespa clueless

so i, like everyone else, am a victim of today's economy. i am contemplating trading my 2002 dodge neon for a vespa scooter.
i need any information i can get, basically. i don't know what i need to be asking i just need basic information.
i literally have no information about this and am just starting my research. so far the only questions i have may seem kind of silly to some, but i admit i am totally clueless.

1) can i just sell my car to a dodge dealership for cash?

2) i know the advantages, what are the disadvantages of owning a vespa... other than it not exactly being ideal for an extensive family road trip.

3) is there a way to trade in my car at a vespa dealership? (are they even called vespa dealerships?)

4 )what is the required maintenance for a vespa?

5) how much does it cost to insure?

6) is it considered a motor vehicle? do i need to go through the same process as register a car? (insurance, inspection, registration.. etc.?)

7) what is the best place to shop and get more information for a vespa?

if anyone could answer my questions and give me any more required information that i haven't thought of, that would be stupendous.

Austin Subaru Dealerships...

Does anyone have any particular salesperson (working at one of the Subaru dealerships here in Austin) that they'd recommend... or any advice about the various dealerships per se?

Looking (dreading) buying a new car... I've been putting it off but economic indicators seem to say that now is an opportune moment....

Any advice would be much appreciated!!!!

Jul. 25th, 2008

nissan dealership up north in the lakeline area....


a place where I can buy a nessian sentra brake light socket tomorrow

used car locators?

Anyone have any experience with the used car locator service offered by Five Star Auto?

I've heard good things about Five Star as a dealership, but would be very interested to hear about personal experiences with the locating service.


I propose... or maybe I don't...

Is there a community about driving in Austin?  Would there be too much of an opportunity for hostile flame wars?   Might it be a fantastic and cathartic place to vent and be mollified?

If not, should there be one?

Should I have asked a mod to post this?

While I'm talking about driving and cars, anything I should know about dealing with Howdy Honda?  Like...  a crazy salesperson to look out for or a magic password to get a $2000 discount?  Ok wishful thinking.  :)

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