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Found Cat

I was trying to leave Plantescape off S 1st and Lightsey Rd today when a young calico cat kept getting underneath my car. The employees said she had just shown up that day, and didn't know where she had come from. She appears to be in good shape and is pretty friendly, so my guess is that she wandered off from the nearby apartments and couldn't find her way back. Long story short, I took her with me, but I'd like to get her reunited with her owners asap. I left my name and number with Plantescape and can be contacted via LJ and my Craigslist post as well.

Birthday Specials

What restaurants / etc have special deals for folks on their birthdays?

mines on the 30th......

Cat Boarding?


Can anyone recommend a nice place with resonable rates for cat boarding in North Austin/Round Rock/Pflugerville area?
Any places to avoid? 
We've never had to do this before. 



ETA:   A friend saw the post and privately volunteered to pet sit.
I wasn't sure that would be an option when I made the post. 
Thanks again to all who replied.  I will certainly keep the places mentioned in mind if needed in the future.  


APAs 2nd Annual Pet Prom

It's going to be at Torchy’s Trailer Park (on S. 1st) on Saturday, June 5th from noon-5pm.

Once again, there will be costume contest for the pets.
Entrance to the event is free and the fee to enter your pet into the costume contest is $10.

You can sign up the day of the event or you can sign up online.

In addition to the costume contest, there will be live music from Little Mikey and the Soda Jerks and Alon, games, food & beer (yay, St. Arnolds!), and a silent auction.

My roommate and I are gonna take her doggie, Burt along. yay! Should be good.


Juri Needs a New Home

My cat, Arisugawa Juri, needs a new home. He is a 4-year-old Creamsicle Maine Coon (orange with a white belly!) He's big - 18 pounds of fluff. This is a cat who loves attention. He will sit on your lap while you use the computer, sleep with you in bed, and play fetch. He greets you at the door when you come home and loves to be picked up and carried. He is extremely sweet. He knows his name, comes when he's called, and will meander outside on a leash. He is not adverse to baths and will tolerate them - he doesn't love water, but I've had to give him several baths and he is pretty good about it.

His hobbies include grooming and taking long naps. In his 4 years, he has never gone outside the litterbox and has had no major illnesses.

He is neutered and up on his shots, but NOT declawed - however, he is pretty good about using his scratching post and rarely chooses furniture. He comes with all of his equipment - litter box, scratching post/tree, cat carrier, toys, leash, brushes, shampoo and any litter/food/cat stuff I happen to have when his new owner picks him up. My boyfriend is allergic to cats on an epic scale, and Juri can't come with me to the new house.

On the downside, he has yet to meet a dog he will get along with. I haven't had him in a situation where he lived full time with another dog. He has lived with other cats, though, and got along with them pretty well after warming up (like any other cat).

Feel free to pass this along to anyone else that you know. You can reach me at my LJ email address or at tasty dot mangoes at gmail dot com and we can arrange a meeting. I love this cat and don't want him to turn into a medical experiment or anything like that.

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In Need of Claw Cap Application

Anyone know of a specific cat groomer who offers Softpaws after a nail trim?

We think we've found a new home for Pugsley, and I want him to already have clawcaps to ease the transition for all concerned.

Location not nearly as important as meeting the need above, being a competent groomer, and not charging an arm and a leg.


Hi Everyone!

I have an indoor/outdoor cat named Louie that has strayed from his usual pattern of coming home at least once every other day, if not once a day to lounge around. He's been missing for six days now and I'm distraught.

He responds to the song, "Kitty cat man, with the kitty cat plan, doing all the things that a kitty cat can." He is a Norwegian Forest Cat. About 3.5 years old. Has only half of a tail and a slight Hitler mustache.

He's a bit shy at first, asserts his independence, is very smart, but loves affection.

If you've seen him around or might be accidentally homing a lost cat, please email me at Sworn2SeChrissy at gmail dot com.

found kitten - Metric and Parmer

Kitten found in a parking lot at Metric and Parmer. We're hoping to keep it, but it looks pretty healthy so I doubt it was homeless before a friend found it. Unknown gender due to lack of close examination, but it's a gray tabby, probably six months old or so. We'll be taking it to the vet tomorrow, so if it's chipped we'll find out then.


(the orange tabby peeking in is one of ours)

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