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Seen the news coming out of Wilco?

Update: The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals denied former Williamson County prosecutor Ken Anderson's request to void a subpoena ordering him to answer questions, under oath and on videotape, from Morton's lawyers.

Thanks for everyone's help spreading the word. I might be able to sleep tonight for the first time in a week.
Mods: I hope this is acceptable. It's happening in Austin and Georgetown, and it's the most important thing I've ever posted. Anywhere. Ever.

Consider this a plea for help. Those who read/watch the news have probably heard about the Michael Morton case. Michael was released from prison this month after DNA evidence proved he didn't kill his wife. He spent 25 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. During his trial the prosecutors, Ken Anderson (now a wilco judge) and Mike Davis, withheld evidence that would have cast serious doubt in a juror's mind about his guilt. He and his lawyers fought against the Wilco DA for years to have DNA evidence tested. An appeals court finally granted the request and it showed that another man had been at the scene. While Wilco DA Ken Anderson was hell bent on convicting an innocent man and withholding exculpatory evidence, the real murderer was still walking the streets. On Jan 13, 1988 that man walked into my mother's bedroom, two blocks from his own home, and beat my mother to death. 

Let me stop here and say I understand that it's hard to care when it's not happening to you. It's natural. But right now I'm begging every single person that reads this to take a moment to share this information with someone else. Right now Wilco judge Ken Anderson, Wilco lawyer Mike Davis, and Wilco DA John Bradley are using every delay tactic they can pull out of their asses to avoid their depositions. If they can stall long enough the investigation period will expire and they'll be off the hook.

Williamson County prosecutors could have prevented my mother's death. They know that, and now they're stalling to avoid punishment. These prosecutors convicted an innocent man of murder by withholding evidence. That man lost his wife, lost his son, and lost 25 years of his life. My brother and I lost our mother. There's a chance he may have also been responsible for the murder of Mildred McKinney, a very short distance from the Morton home. 

Williamson County prosecutors ignored evidence and let a serial killer roam free. That man is still free right now. 

I know this is awkward and I appreciate those who have taken the time to read. Living without my mother has been difficult, but living with the knowledge that these men may not be held accountable will be unbearable. All I'm asking is for everyone to repost the story somewhere. Put it on Facebook or Twitter, email your friends. It will take two seconds. Public attention is our greatest weapon right now.

I'll make it even easier. Here's my Twitter and Facebook. Everything is public, all it takes is one click.!/caitlinbaker116

Thanks for reading. Mods, please be gentle.   


Brutal Beating

A friend of mine was brutally beaten Friday night / Early Saturday on Robert E. Lee walking back from Barton Springs. He was attacked by three young men with aluminum baseball bats. Unfortunately he was attacked from behind and has little information about his attackers. I know its a long shot but if anybody saw anything or has any information please contact A.P.D or myself.

Thanks for all the well wishes


3rd & i-35

for pete's sake!

I've been downtown maybe four times in the past six months
and now *twice* have had my car window smashed and things stolen while parked on 3rd near the i-35 feeder road. 50%!!!

hell. *friggin hell*!

Thankfully they didn't take my Mel C cd.


Underground license plate ring?

I can't help but think there's an underground license plate ring. Within a month of getting our car new stickers, someone has stolen our license plates. If anyone has seen any tinkering with license plates (especially on a green/blue sedan in North Austin) please let me know.

That said, if you see a car running around with X02 CXJ - please call the police. There's a case number and all that jazz. It's never fun to spend $700 on top of your car's price just to have to go hassle with the tax office again two weeks later. We all know (or at least most of us know) how very much fun that place is =P

Thanks, and drive safely (over thiefs.)

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