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Sky Candy Aerial Arts Collective

Sky Candy is an aerial arts collective whose mission is to develop and foster interest for the aerial arts in Austin, TX. We offer classes, open studio and rehearsal space for newbies and experienced aerialists alike and welcome anyone who is interested in learning to defy gravity to join us for some fun!

After a highly successful start just six months ago for Sky Candy, our class sizes are growing and we are actively looking to expand our class offerings to get more people into aerial and circus arts. We've secured a temporary indoor warehouse space for the winter so we can continue teaching classes through the cold months (yay!), but now we need to purchase our own, new equipment and look toward the future of our collective. We can only do this with your support!

Check out our Kickstarter for information on how to support this project and what you'll get in return!

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Free Day of Dance on January 31, 2009!

Free Day of Dance
Saturday, January 31st 2009

Here is your chance to try out dancing with other beginners and friendly experienced dancers in a no-pressure environment. I have two studio schedules so far:

Dance Institute
6612 Sito Del Rio, Austin, TX 78730

10:30 am - Latin Technique w/Jolie Generalov
11:15 am - Samba w/Jolie Generalov
12:00 pm - International Tango 2 w/Jolie Generalov
12:45 pm - Cha Cha 2 w/Mike Topel <--Mike is my Cuban Motion instructor and I highly recommend him
1:30 pm - Salsa 2 w/Mike Topel
2:15 pm - Bolero 1 w/Randy Ferguson
2:15 pm - Teen Salsa w/Kat Parr
3:00 pm - Waltz 1 w/Randy Ferguson
3:00 pm - Kid's Ballroom (7-11 yrs) w/Kat Parr
3:45 pm - Two Step 1 w/Danny Davila
3:45 pm - Kid's Latin (7-11 yrs) w/Kat Parr
4:30 pm - Salsa 1 w/Danny Davila

According to the studio owner, there will also be a Nia class at 1:30 pm.

Uptown Dance (North location)
8868 Research Blvd. #706, Austin, TX 78741

10:00 am - Two Step 1, Two Step 2
11:00 am - Jitterbug Swing 1, Two Step 3
12:00 pm - Cha Cha 1, Cha Cha 2
1:00 pm - Jitterbug Swing 2, Salsa 2
2:00 pm - Salsa 1, Salsa 3
3:00 pm - West Coast Swing 1, West Coast Swing 3
4:00 pm - Night Club 1, West Coast Swing 2
5:00 pm - Tango 1, Tango 2
6:00 pm - Waltz 1, Quickstep 1

Words of advice for new ballroom dancers under the cutCollapse )

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Dec. 30th, 2008

So, if you wanted to try a dance class in Austin, but have not danced in about 10 years, where would you go?

I really want to get back into it (I'm thinking hip-hop, jazz, modern dance this time around), and I was wondering what schools you all would recommend. I already know about UT informal classes and Ballet Austin.. are there any other dance studios where I would not be judged by my lack of coordination?

Thank you in advance.


ballet buddies

So I usually get cricket sounds from my friends when I talk about ballet or a glazed look in their eyes. But I figure someone in Austin likes to watch ballet/dance shows. If that's you and you're looking for someone to watch shows with, let me know. I particularly want to see this:

Inaugural Season Opener - (on sale now)
Oct 24-26, 2008
Nine Sinatra Songs
Choreography by: Twyla Tharp
Songs Sung by Frank Sinatra
Choreography by: George Balanchine
Music by: Anton Webern
In Artistic Partnership with The Suzanne
Farrell Ballet // Suzanne Farrell, Artistic Director
World Premiere
Choreography by: Stephen Mills


Native American Night at Nataraja

Nataraja Ecstatic Dance

Come join us for a totally free-form, non-judgmental dance experience! This Sunday's (6/29) music theme will be Native American, next Sunday will be Swing. The first dance is free; you can't go wrong!

When: Every Sunday, 7:30-9:15pm
Where: Khabele Studio, 701 W. 7th St.
Cost: First dance free, then $6 walk-in, $5 with a six dances quantity discount. Special offer for the first 20 dancers to buy a quantity discount!
Parking: Available for free at the front and rear of the Khabele Studio, on the street, and one block away at the Khabele School at 8th & Rio Grande
Other: Wear cool, comfortable clothing that allows for a full range of movement. There is a water fountain, but you may want to bring a water bottle anyway.


Bellydancing accessories

What's the best place in town to get bellydancing attire? Tops, breezy pants or wrap skirts, belts, scarves, shawls, bells, chimes, jangly jewelry, etc? A friend of mine has been taking a class and I wanted to surprise her with an impromptu shopping trip to help fuel her enthusiasm, but I don't know where to take her. Some place with a new age clothing theme? I mean, this is Austin, right? Not backwoods Alabama...

I guess it's not a lack of information that bothers me, it's not knowing how to pick. My first searches brought up stuff like Forbidden Fruits--I'm pretty sure that would scare my friend. Also brought up weird markets or bazaars. Those could be a lot of fun and good places to get bargains, but I'm not sure and don't want to end up looking like the uncultured white chick that I am.

So. Culture me!
Many thanks in advance.

Nataraja Ecstatic Dance

Hello Austinites!  For the more kinesthetically-inclined among you, I wanted to share a new ecstatic dance event going on every Sunday night, 7:30-9:15, at the Khabele Studio at 701 W. 7th St.  If you've been to Body Choir, it's the same concept, the main difference being that Nataraja has a music theme at each dance.  June 15th will be Latin & Tango night; hope to see you there!  More info at

Jun. 2nd, 2008

So my friends and I want to take a dance class for fun. None of us are dancers in the slightest, so we would be taking a beginners' course. Are there any hip-hop/modern/ballet dance classes around town for adults who are as.. inexperienced as we are?


Dance Lessons

It's summer and I'm going to have some free time on my hands for the next three months. My boyfriend and I have been meaning to take ballroom dance classes for years now and I think this summer we might actually get around to it. Does anyone have any suggestions for good dance studios with ballroom dance classes? We'd be driving up from San Marcos, so South Austin is much preferable to North Austin.

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