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Jun. 19th, 2009

Hi, we've lived on Austin for almost a year and we mostly like it, but recently I had major foot sugery so I'm in a wheelchair and all of a sudden we can't find anything to do as a family that's disabled accessible.

In particular, I want to take my daughter to Children's Art Day Park next Wednesday because she loved it last year and she adores the Biscuit Brothers. But when I emailled the event runners, all they'd tell me is that the disabled entrance to Symphony Park is on 11th and that it was "an old building", which I fear is code for, "you're not gonna make it!"

And based on my memory of the place last year, I actually can't recall how a wheelchair could get over there, unless maybe it's through the building and over that bridge?

Does anyone have accessibility info/experience with Symphony Park?

And does anyone have any suggestions for little-kid and disabled-friendly activities is Austin?

For the record, the following are all out for disabled-UNfriendliness: Children's Museum, Zoo, Zilker and its parts, in fact most parks in general because of gravel playgrounds, and pretty much any historical site.

I've emailled a tourist info site and never heard back, and my mommy friends are stumped.

I'd also like to know if there's any kind of disabled rights activist group in town.


Relocating to Austin . . .

Hi everyone,

I joined this community because I'm relocating to Austin. I already live here, but am staying with a friend on a temporary basis. She needs some help getting errands done and things like that because she is having some severe back pain, possibly pinched nerves.

I'm 27 and on a break from going to school in order to help my friend, but the drama has recently gotten too much for me to handle. I love Austin, and the complete last resort is for me to go back and live with my parents in a very rural area where I cannot take care of my immediate needs without depending on them.

I have a few questions though, and I hope no one minds me posting them.

1.) I am disabled and on SSI which means a very limited income. I am also trying to go to school (just applied to UT, and if not accepted there as a transfer student, will try finishing up at ACC). Anyway, things with my friend aren't exactly working out, and I am very soon needing another place to live.

I love Austin and Capital Metro system rocks hardcore compared to the bus system in Houston where I used to live (attended u of h there until this came up with my friend and I bit the billet to go to UTA if accepted and help her out . . . .)

Realistically, I know I can't pay all that much. I simply want a roommate who does not have delinquent children and who is also going to school and respects my privacy and my need for quiet study time. I really don't want to go back to live with my parents.

I also don't want to get back on campus housing if I can help it. What I am willing to do is to get into one of the apartment complexes for college students. I guess mostly, I'm just asking for ideas from everyone. I don't want to give up my dream city/school just because living with my best friend is not working out like I thought it would.

Carpooling... help?

so, I'm legally blind (or visually impaired, rather) and should never drive a car ever. Since I started my current job eight months ago, I've been using the nightmare that is Capital Metro's Special Transit Services to get to work. I've wasted hours of my life on STS, been left behind, had to wait for up to an hour for a ride and been late to work several times. Almost every day there is a new problem; I'm totally fed up.

How does this affect you? Well, gas prices aren't exactly friendly right now, so if anyone has similar schedules and such and is interested in carpooling, I'll split the gas with you. (I've tried at my job, but haven't found anyone.)

More info under the cutCollapse )

Physical therapy

I'm looking for a physical therapist. Not a sports or athlete type, but one who's got some experience working with permanently disabled (arthritis) people. Any recs would be greatly appreciated. Bonus if they take Aetna.

Is The Parish accessble?

A friend of mine was wanting to go to the Parish next Monday for Karaoke Underground, but she has spina bifida so it's very hard for her to climb stairs. Does the building have an elevator I don't know about? I tried to call them three times today, and got kicked from one voice-mail message to another.

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