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Texas Drivers License?

So I'm late on getting my out of state license changed to a Texas one. I'm really not sure which place to go at this point. I tried to go to the South Austin location and it was like the 9th circle of Hell. Even though I arrived very early, the place and parking lot are tiny and there was no parking to be found. I left in disgust. I have read bad reviews of the north locations as well, with people saying it takes hours to get things done there. At one time, I had been told there was a downtown location that was easy to get in and out of. I can no longer find this location on the DMV website, has it been closed? I also read its easier to get in and out of the Georgetown location. Does anyone know? For some reason, this task is giving me more anxiety than anything I've done since moving here. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!

austin temporary license.

I recently braved the Texas Drivers License Office to get a Texas license. I came away with a few questions.

Is one location better than the other? I went to the office on Lamar and the wait was a little ridiculous and the people working there sent me in circles because I've never had a Texas license before but my out of state license was not expired, and they tried to tell me I was blonde when I am clearly not. Is the South Congress location any better?

Is it possible to use the temporary license to buy alcohol and/or get into places that card? I was told that they recently implemented a new computer system and there would be some sort of delay in getting out actual licenses. I was very confused about the temp being just a piece of paper printed out and I'm doubting anyone will take it, which makes the pub crawl some friends have planned excellent timing. I have a passport, would having that in addition help?


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