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Temp Agencies?

I want to start working as a temp and I'm looking for recommendations for temporary employment agencies here in Austin. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering. I also have many other skills as including clerical work, landscaping and writing.

Any suggestions on where to sign up or warnings on places to avoid?

Thanks in advance.

Who's hiring?

My roommate is having some difficulty finding a job. Naturally, I would like to aid in this endeavour. :) She has experience in clerical, data entry, customer service, and factory work, and she lives in North Austin and uses the bus routes.

So, do any of you fine austinites know of a company that is hiring at the moment?
Hi friendly Livejournal people,

I hope that doesn't sound like too big a question, but I could really do with some advice from anyone working in the area of visual arts in/around Austin.

The reason I ask is that my boyfriend, who's a musician, is very keen to move to Austin - at the moment we live in the UK. I'm coming round to the idea as I loved the place when we visited, but it really boils down to whether I can make a living in the long term (as well as obviously the immigration issues, but that's a separate question).

Over here I earn enough from a combination of selling work (mainly during open studio events - I think similar to the East Austin Studio Tour), design commissions, and working part time in an art gallery. I can also claim certain government benefits on the basis of being self-employed.

How easy would it be to have this sort of existence in/near Austin? Is there much of an art-buying public? Or am I looking at bar work for the forseeable future? I'm not terribly keen to do any teaching. I'd be really grateful for any advice any of you can offer, just to help me build up a picture of whether a move is at all feasible. Many thanks!

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