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Gospel choirs in Austin

Does anyone know of an Austin gospel choir OR some other energetic musical singing troupe that might be available and willing to donate some time to a good cause at 11am on Sunday, October 17th?

We were hoping to find a group who would be willing to help our liberal & GLBT-friendly church Trinity UMC celebrate as we move into our new building. We're planning a transition event where we all go en masse from the old building (as pedestrians on sidewalks or by car caravan, we're not sure, but either way there will be rainbow flags and much rejoicing) up on 50th Street to the new place on Speedway right next to Hyde Park Baptist. The original idea was to tell the congregation that we had a surprise in the new building for them, and then have a gospel choir waiting inside so that when we enter everyone gets all fired up and excited. The problem is rather obvious but it took us a while to realize it--most gospel choirs are in church on Sunday. Ooops. Even community gospel choirs not associated with specific churches are likely full of folks who are churchgoing types. We don't know who to ask, but this is supposed to be the Live Music Capitol of the World, so we have hope. Any ideas, y'all?

Does anyone know how we can make it a memorable kind of day? (And by memorable, I mean memorably awesome in the way that only Austin can be awesome.) Many thanks in advance!

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National Protest Against Prop 8

The National Protest Against Prop 8 is this Saturday, November 15, 2008 @ 12:30 pm CST

Austin's protest location is:

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