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Kid-friendly stuff in Austin?

Hey folks,

I've got my bestest girlfriend in the world coming in this weekend and she has two kids; a 1.5 year old and a 5.5 year old with cerebral palsy that gets around in a wheel chair, for the most part.

We were planning to go tubing sans kiddos, but her Mom might not be able to watch them so that's probably out.

So what can we do?! So far I've gotten Barton Springs and...the Botanical Gardens? Is that wheelchair/stroller accessable?

Anything else folks? I've never done Austin with kids, but I also would like to not rip my hair out at the end of the day, from doing exclusively kid-only things. So where's the middle ground? What to do in Austin that both littles and bigs can enjoy?


There's going to be a private school fair at the Norris Conference center this Saturday. Parents/kids gets to meet with representatives from almost all of the private schools in the area as well as some boarding schools from around the country. There's gonna be some entertainment for the kiddos so you don't have to worry about toting them around to every booth. $700 worth of prizes from House of Tutors + win an ipad!

Saturday, May 1st 2010
10am - 3pm
FREE Admission
FREE Parking
FREE Child care

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Donate your old computer to kids

Right now there are kids in Austin who can't do their homework properly because they don't have a computer at home. Do you have a spare computer to donate?

We're looking to have about 200 computers in inventory on the day of the installfest. Tom has a team of 50 volunteers broken into four groups -- with tables and chairs supplied by our friends at RGM Advisors. We have image servers. Union Park has given us the 10,000 sqft space. However...

We need more computers.

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If you know someone please refer:

Applications now due June 5th for Young Artists @ Arthouse!

Young Artists @ Arthouse is a free art program for high school students in underserved areas of East, South and North Austin, as well as Manor and Pflugerville. It is designed to give students with a strong interest in visual art a chance to develop their portfolio and learn about opportunities in the arts.

Young Artists will:

* receive free art supplies
* be provided guidance in their personal art development from a local artist
* have their artwork shown in a public exhibition
* develop the skills and knowledge to become future leaders in Austin's art community
* explore college art program opportunities
* learn about art making through hands on workshops with local artists
* critique artwork and learn to think critically about art
* work with other teenagers who are interested in art
* have fun!!!

Young Artists @ Arthouse summer session begins on June 13th and runs each Saturday from 1-4 through August 15th. We have limited positions for this exciting program, so please apply soon!

Applications are due Friday, June 5th -- Click here to download an application.

For more information, contact Erin Gentry, Education Coordinator at or call 512-453-5312.

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