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To the community that can find all things Austin:

At 30 years old I am just now wanting to learn basic music skills, and need to talk with someone that can help me determine the best path, as well as find a private teacher. I need to learn from ground zero (site reading, etc) and cannot decide whether I want to pursue voice or piano.

I need someone that works after 7pm if the lessons are during the week, but am flexible for weekends. North West Austin is ideal, but at least North if I have to travel at all. Price is negotiable, as I am more willing to pay for patience than snobbery.

Many thanks in advance!


Sword fighting lessons?

For a fun thing for the office, I'm looking at buying a few of these new Nerf swords, but rather than just let people hit each other with them, I thought it'd be even funner to hire someone to come in and show a group of us basic sparring for an hour. Maybe like stage fighting? It's for fun, and it's with Nerf swords, so I'm not sure martial artists or fencers are the right bet.

Where do I find such a person?

Accordion Information

Does anyone have information on where to purchase accordions a/o get lessons? I went to, but they only had links for repair and tuning, as opposed to actually obtaining. Also, they had two teachers listed, but they do piano accordion lessons only and I'd like a teacher who could teach me with both piano and button-style right hand manuals.

Roller Blading Lessons?

Does anyone know if there are places and/or people that offer roller blading lessons in Austin?  

Yes, I know...I could just put them on and go.  But, I'm not very graceful and I'm afraid I'll break something.  So, I'd rather have lessons.  

Thanks in advance for any help!

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