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I'm looking for suggestions of someone who is either a reasonably priced photog or someone building their portfolio to help me out with some decent looking pictures to send over to the desert so hubs doesn't forget what I look like while deployed :)

....ideally someone who is looking for subjects to build a portfolio to save on my cost. You know, Army life budget and all that good stuff. Not sure how this Seattle hippie married into the military, but such is life. *sigh* I used to work at a photography studio as a test model but that was about 8 years ago and I completely forgot how to look decent on camera...but with a little guidance am certain I could make for some fantastic portfolio shots.

I must admit to being mildly prudish so want to keep far away from some of the creepers I see on Craigslist looking to take "hot nude photos for you for free!" Yeesh. Would love any input you all in the ATX community may have.
Hey Austincommunity,

I'm trying to beef up my portfolio with some engagement sessions of offbeat couples from town in the hopes of showing some more range. I've been shooting engagements and weddings for some awesome folks this year, but none of them have neon-colored hair, excessive piercings, or any tattoos, and I'd like to market to that crowd as well.

If you and your honey would like to have a free engagement session, and have any of those things listed above, please comment here with a description of your offbeatness. I figured I'd reach more real people here than if I blended into the crowd on Craigslist...

My reasonable restrictions:
- The engagement session must be shot in Austin.
- The session must be scheduled for a date within the next few months on one of the days that I am free; if we can't find a day that works, I can't promise that the session will happen. (I'm hoping to use the session for advertising, and the sooner, the better.)
- You may receive the high-res files and personal-use print release if you'd like.

You can see some of my work here.

Thanks, Austin peeps!

Edit: I've gotten a few emails already and I think I've reached a cap so I will not be accepting any more requests. Thank you so much!

Looking for austiny couples to play dress up

Hey guys, it's a pretty slow time here for me right now, so I was thinking some of you couples may want to play dress up and take pretty pictures.

I'm looking for two couples that are austin-y, or tattoo-ey, or alternative-ey. (Obviously I need to work on my marketing speak). Basically to increase my wedding portfolio. We can do an engagement session, maybe a dress up/costume/themed one, or a chill informal one is fine. Or if you're married, if you don't mind brushing off your wedding dress and putting it on, that would be fun too. I'm pretty chill and fun, it would probably be an hour session, and you'll get your high-res pictures for free, and I get to use it as portfolio to bring actual paying clients in hopefully ;-)

Here's some of my wedding portfolio. If you're interested, you can LJ mail me with your ideas for the shoot. Couples only please. And here's a feature of some of my work on weddingbee.

ETA: Thanks guys, I think I've enough couples to keep me busy for several weeks now :) Cheers!


Models wanted

Hey guys.

I've been picking up photography lately, and just recently moved to Austin. I haven't been doing nearly enough shooting since I've arrived, and I'd love to get some photo sessions in, but since I don't really know anyone to model it's been rather difficult.

I don't nearly have the training or experience necessary to charge -- I'd really like some practice, though, so if anyone is in need/want of some free photos of themselves & felt like participating in a photo shoot that would be awesome (maybe if you want super super cheap, as in free, senior portraits, headshots, something to build up your modeling portfolio, or whatever, I'm flexible). I'm just looking for models to help build up a portfolio. Most of my experience is with children, but I'd really love to shoot actual adults.

My experience/training is in photojournalism, and I'm working on the photography staff of a publication here, so I'm not a total newb but I am still learning! You can check out my personal site/portfolio here or my Flickr here.

Anyone who wants to help out would be super appreciated.

Photography Trade

I'm looking for a photographer who is interested in fashion and maybe has just graduated college with a degree in photography.

The gig is this: I've re-entered modeling and I would like to get some more professional photos taken. ( I modeled in my teens in a more competitive environment. I have photos from that time but that was 6+ years ago (yikes!) and I've changed a bit since then.) From taking pictures you will receive my recommendations for anything I am in, so hopefully you will get paid to photograph a show.

Basically I'm asking for digital photos in exchange for my contacts and connections. 

Let me know if you're interested. :) 
So! Thanks to this awesome community and all the helpful suggestions I got from a post I made a while back, I've been listing ads on Craigslist and on random free sites that allow wedding vendors to list themselves.. and I've gotten a few hits, but I was hoping maybe posting here again might generate a few new suggestions of how to get the word out a little bit better! =)

I was talking to some friends from back home (I just moved to Texas from the DC area in May) and they all feel like business cards are kind of a waste -- but I know Austin is kind of a loottt different from back home. People here seem more likely to respect local businesses, and consider calling someone just from picking up business card.

So here's my question!

I was thinking of doing business cards and putting them in random coffee houses throughout Austin -- I don't want to take a poll, but if you saw a business card of a photographer (with a photo on one side, and contact information on the other), would you pick it up and bother visiting the site at all? I'm wondering how brides decide on how to look for a photographer, and if I were to leave stacks of business cards at places like pastry shops, cake places, and random coffee shops, can you guys think of any that might be the better ones to advertise at?

If this is a bad idea, where do you think brides would go to find a photographer? I really feel like asking locally is important, because the feedback I get here is a lot different from how people think business should be done anywhere else. Which is a REALLY good thing! Haha. I'm kind of really loving Austin!

Here are some photos of my recent work!

a few more photos!Collapse )

I'm so so so so sorry this is so wordy. Any help at all would be really appreciated! Thank you!

- Nessa

Dec. 28th, 2008

Hey austincommunity. I know times are hard for all of us, but I need to make some extra cash... If you need some portraits done please check out my craigslist post or my viewbook. I'll also be doing a Valentine's Day Pinup special soon, so if you are interested please drop me a line at kt(dot)cowden(at)gmail(dot)com.

Photography/video buffs!

Are there any shops in Austin that specialize in photography/videography supplies who appraise and/or purchase video equipment? I have a Sanyo VRC 100 Betamax video camera for sale. Yeah, maybe I need an antique store...LOL. Gotta love the 80's!!

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