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My 11 year old Maine Coon mix cat Ginger has developed a bit of a persistent cough, and I need to take her to a vet. From experience, I know the cough could be anything from allergies to asthma to a life-threatening heart condition (I've dealt with all 3 with other animals). I'd like to get her checked out sometime early this week before I head out of town Thursday morning.

I'm looking for a vet preferably in NW Austin or Central, and if they have early morning or late evening walk in hours, and accept Care Credit all those would be bonuses. The early morning/late evening walk in hours thing is really important to given my work schedule, but of course the most important thing is a good veterinarian office and staff. Cost is also important to me (as it is to everyone of course).

The reason I'm looking is my longterm veterinarian (Dr. Cotnam) earlier this year joined the practice at Austin Vet Care on Lamar across from Central Market. I love Dr. Cotnam, but have no experience with AVC, and am trying to decide if I should go there with Ginger. (I surmise from their website that I may or may not actually see Dr. Cotnam if I go on a walk in basis.) I especially like Dr. Cotnam's no-nonsense approach to vet care, and I always found his costs to be super reasonable, but given the new situation, I'm not sure what to expect if I go to AVC.

Also, I'm considering taking Ginger to Arbor Animal Clinic on Jollyville/Balcones Woods. I know nothing of their practice or costs, but they do have early morning hours, and that's something I like, and I like their statement of philosophy on their website.

I'd really like to hear anyone's experiences with these two clinics, or if you may have other vet clinic recommendations. I know there's a VCA clinic near on Jollyville, but I've heard enough stories about their corporate culture, which is not what I'm looking for.

And as a bonus for taking time to read this, here's a picture of my sweet girl.


In search of rat assistance

I have a female rat with a mammary tumor. Does anyone know of a local vet that will remove tumors on rats? Location doesn't particularly matter and if you know of someone in surrounding towns/cities, I'd be happy to hear about them as well. Thanks in advance.

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