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January 24th, 2001

Austin Date Ideas

Okay, so I need your help... I've been in one REALLY serious relationship, but somehow I've never been on a date. In fact, every relationship I've ever been in has just sort of happened. This is my preferred method of doing things, but for the first time in my life, it appears I'm going to actually have to ask someone out.

I want to come prepared, with a list of many possible options. I've come up with my own generic list, but I thought that some of you, with more specific knowledge about Austin could help me out. Here's what I have so far:

fancy: eating at Mirabelle's, going to a good play (suggestions?)

outdoorsy: picnic in the park, walking down trails, flying kites (park suggestions?)

80's: bowling, roller rink, eating at Chez Z

dinner and a movie: Inviting to a dinner club I do with friends, movie (at the Arbor), & Amy's Ice Cream

by the river: seeing a cool band in a low-key setting, paddle boats on the river, eating somewhere nearby

eclectic: Karaoke bar, eating at Mezzaluna, watching the stars at some observatory (is there a publicly available one in town?)

cultural: visit the Sculpture garden, eat at the Clay Pot, and...

Okay, I'm out of ideas. And as you can see, I've just sort of haphazardly jammed things together. So I desperately need your help. After we've all nailed down a decent list of things to do, I'll move on to the REALLY hard part, which is where to find someone to date, and how to work up the nerve to ask her out.

Thanks in advance.


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