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January 29th, 2001


Heylo. Just wanted to say that I finally signed up here. I've been an Austinite for 6.5 years. Was planning on going to the UMich for college because, after living in Houston for 10 years and hating every minute of it (and at the time I also had a bad relationship with my parents), I wanted to get as far away from Texas as possible. Then, on a whim, I visited Austin. And immediately fell in love with it. And after college, I stayed.

I used to live in the Jester dorms for 2 years, then I moved to West Campus and lived in 2 different apartments for a total of 3 years. For those 5 years, I relied solely on walking and Capital Metro. Got to know it very well. And now I've been living up in the hills near 360 & Spicewood Springs for a year and a half. A Bull Creek tributary runs through the backyard area, and I often see deer, vultures, opossums, even skunks. But it's really beautiful.

I have bittersweet feelings about how much Austin has grown (almost double in population since I moved here!). Especially since I'm, by trade, a high-tech engineer-type-person...and I'm trying so hard to find a job that will both satisfy my intellectual needs...as WELL as my "atmosphere" needs. I typically can't stand the average electrical engineer. :( And am always the only girl as well, not to mention young (most of them are middle-aged and usually move here only to work, not because they love Austin). Anyway, I'm rambling...

But I wanted to say hello. So hello :).



Hi, i really don't have anything deep to contribute but I just joined the community. ehm, so, that's all! I'm sure i'll have something more interesting to say at a later time

Jan. 29th, 2001

wow.. I thought it was really excellent when I found out there was a LJ Community for those of us who live in the State of Texas' city with the highest cost of living...

sorry... it just happens to be on my mind these days.. I posted the following in my journal today. Anyone? Anyone?

looking for a home

Okay. This is worth a shot, since I know a few people in the Austin area read this thing periodically:

I am looking for a 2 bedroom/1 bath or 1 Large Bedroom/1 bath condo, townhome, or apartment, preferably on the South Side, but as near to downtown as possible. I need a place that has a washer and dryer hook-up and allows pets (one cat). It would be cool if the place wasn't a dump or in a bad area. I am looking for a lease, for under $750/month. Need to move in March 1st.

any suggestions?

speaking of the highest cost of living...

for some reason that comment reminded me, I read somewhere a little while ago that Austin has the highest number of clubs/restaurants per capita in the US... pretty neat huh?

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