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January 30th, 2001


I heard the voices mumbling Austiny type things and I followed them here. (ok, I followed a link).

Lessee generic introduction thing here. Lived in Austin for hrmm 6-7 years now? Zipped on over from Dallas to attend UT, after previously having shimmied down from Idaho, after a brief stint in Ohio for the first 3 years of my life. Learned to ski all of about a year before I moved to Texas - the type of "poopony" that defines my life.

Though I miss the even cozier, "tinier", more quirky pre-boom Austin I discovered when my brother went to UT before me, I still feel enough of the Austin spirit to love living here, with no plans to move any time soon. Trees are good. Hills are nice. Austin good.

Though I snagged my degree in Communications/Radio, Television, Film from UT, realistically I spent most of my "tenure" (read:"watching cartoons in my underwear with my feet propped up on unread school books") there hiding out in the ACTLab in the RTF building doing multi-media, virtual worldsy type stuff.

Yes, (shocker!), I work in ze computer induh-stree, though - just as I avoided Physics, higher math, and logic classes by not getting a CS degree - I currently avoid true hardcore CS/EE work by skipping around at a game company doing various non-codey, non-servery, non-security type work. Boing! I'm currently aspiring to be useful by finally learning C++ after years of "I wrote some games in Basic and Pascal when I was younger! Oh! And I know 7 scripting languages!".

Since this is just a rambling introduction and not group therapy (just yet), I'll wrap it up by noting that I live in "da hills" of west Austin (yay trees again! yay hills!), which really makes living in Austin an entirely new experience from living on Riverside back in the early college days, or living up at 35 and 290 in late college college days.

Short, "interesting" facts about my various abodes in Austin :

1) I've lived in the worst area of Austin (as discovered during my time at a phone polling place : "Why do we ask them if they'd go to sporting events in a new park here, or if they'd be too concerned about security issues?" "Because that place is going to be built in City's Worst Rated Neighborhood in Austin." *looking at map* "Uh, I live right across the street from there. Fuck.")

2) The next place I lived was just down the street from thecorner where the city put restraining orders on a group of people to prevent them from hanging out together (they were in "a gang").

3) Apparently, from quickly skimming this LJ, I currently live just down the street from about 2 or 3 of you. Weird.

Fear that I will rambling here more at another time! Fear it! ^_^

Oh, and hi!


Wishful thinking...

You know what would be cool? If only the people who loved Austin and it's Austiny-type things were allowed to work at the highTech companies. That would make life so much happier.

P.S. Btw, the icon I'm using for this entry is what I like to call "the happy nun".

Jan. 30th, 2001

hey...just clicked into the austin group.

lessee here, ummm...i grew up in houston and have been in austin since '86, minus two years spent in denton.

currently, i'm an unemployed web developer (austin's newest subculture), so if anyone has a web they need developed...well, let's just say i've got some free time. ;-)

austiny stuff: the indie/punk music scene, local restaurants, mansfield dam (good for buzzard watching or just a nice place for a walk/talk), dog&duck, playing pool -badly, spending too much money at soundexchange, 33degrees, and/or halfprice books. still not used to seeing that barnes&nobles on the drag -probably never will be, kvrx/koop, slacker, complaining about how much the place has changed, etc, etc, etc...

austin group get together -> count me in.


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