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January 31st, 2001

my blah blah blah

no more lurking - i'll post in here as well.

i've been in austin directly nearly five years, and have lived in five different locations. i hope to stay where i am for another year.

i'm another member of the high-tech employees group, but i do it for a state-funded institution of higher learning.

austin... great music, great atmosphere, the food, the sights, the soundds... sometimes some odd smells but then i remember my deodorant and all is good.

i'd blurb more but just click on my name and read more about me directly. that is, if you care.
Since we're all doing introductions..

I've lived in Austin since 1987, and I still find new streets. Born in Amarillo in 1980, I've lived in Texas my entire life. Though I fight the accent, I love my state. I'm a student at UT, Czech and Russian Studies. Going to be studying in Prague this summer at Charles University. I worked for the infamous PcOrder right up to their dying days. That has convinced me I don't want to work in the tech industry after college. Fun while it lasted. What I'd really like to do is teach.

Just would like to note how absolutely gorgeous it has been outside the past couple of days. Wonderful weather for walking across campus. Yay! Now I just need a little more wind and a kite.

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