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June 27th, 2001


Just wanted to shout out a hello to all of you guys at out there at austincommunity.
I'm bored out of my mind so I decided to join and post this entry.
Hasta Luego!
meow meow.. hello kiddies. i've been here since september but i still don't know anyone here! anyone out there care to watch a lot of movies, hang out at the arbor, and go swimming whenever possible?

Jun. 27th, 2001

you guys know what? i love it here.


What is it about Austin that makes people want to live here? I've come up with some categories that if apply to you, you'll like Austin. I'm interested in hearing other people's views too, especially if you like living here (or wish you did).

1. You like hot weather. Cold weather sucks; you feel trapped until the thermometer reaches at least 60. You're not a big winter sport fan; you'd rather run, jog, bike, hike, swim, boat, canoe, kayak, play soccer, basketball, softball, or baseball. You don't like humid weather either, but it could go well into the 90s and it doesn't matter if it's dry. You appreciate being able to walk around in shorts and sandals most of the year. You enjoy the heat of the sun.

2. You work in some capacity in the computer industry -- hardware, software, internet, etc. You like the many choices of employment here (well, okay, you did before last summer).

3. You love music, especially live music. If you could, you would go see live music every night of the week.

4. You bleed burnt orange or are in some way associated with UT. Or you like living close to a big university, especially one with a good football team.

5. You don't want to live in a huge sprawling metroplex, but small towns just aren't enough.

6. Your favorite foods are BBQ and Mexican, but you also like having a variety of different types of restaurants to choose from.
i like austin because it is home
yet i would probably like it more if i was a computer dork

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