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July 13th, 2001

LJ Meet Reminder

Reminder: I'm calling on Austin Livejournalers to come to Mojo's Daily Grind this Saturday at 7pm.

Meet, talk, laugh, drink caffeine.

Maybe we'll go play video games, or get pancakes at midnight at Kerbey Lane...
I'm spending way too much time staring off into space not doing anything, lately. What's everyone's favorite place to hang out in South Austin? (I'm rather nocturnal and under 21, if that helps any. Oh, and I don't think I've ever posted in here before, though I've been watching it for a while now, so: hi!)


Stage 5

TTT day...nothing really spectacular happened till the last teams took off.

Heading towards the 45 km check point Postal was still in team rotation, while many of the others were opting for a more traditional echelon pace line. Telekom (who started 20 mins before USPS) rolled through the 45k check posting the 2nd best time so far 11" back - their riders looking relaxed and intent. Rain was now falling fairly steadily throughout the time trial course, but again no real wind coming into play.

45 minutes into the stage Lance took some matters into his own hands, going on point for a full km. Telekom has a problem as Zabel flatted and Heppner went back to retrieve him - Livingston was seen suffering as well on the back. 6 riders were now all that were left from Ullrich's teammates.

And then great news for Lance and the boys - Postal sets the #1 time of the day through the 45k check point, 17" ahead of Kelme, and more importantly 59" ahead of Telekom!

Then near disaster for USPS - Christian Vande Velde's wheel skids out from underneath him on the slick painted line, and he and Roberto Heras go down! Instead of holding pace, Lance decides to wait on them...this was very risky.

Meanwhile, team Credit Agricole and ONCE are tearing up the course, and will probably finish 1-2.

An informal time check at 60 km had USPS still up on Telekom by 22" - and then soon after USPS comes across the line with the best time so far at 1hr 22' 58" (30.1 mph)! Lance puts 24" in to Ullrich no matter the overall result.

ONCE came across at 1hr 22' 03" for another best finish, and then Festina logged the 2nd best time benefiting Christophe Moreau. Credit Agricole was down to only 5 riders, O'Grady among them - and what a time: 1 hr 21' 32" (30.7 mph) - CA and Stuey win!

To clear some things up, each team had to have 5 riders cross the line, and the clock stopped when the last ridere crossed. CA really surprsised people. everyone figured ONCE would take it. They've generally been a good TTT group. the winning team averaged over 30mph for an hour and a half! Incredible.

Steuy - Credit Agricole - Yellow Jersey
E. Zabel - Green Jersey
P. Halgand - Polkadot Jersey
Jorg Jaksche - ONCE - White Jersey (new)

Lance is now 1'53" behind and Ullrich is 2'20" behind, so Lance did gain time on him. Interesting fact...team CA holds the top 3 positions, and ONCE holds the next 4. ONCE, CA, and Festina hold

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