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July 20th, 2001

OK, did anyone else hear about this? Perhaps I've just been out of the loop, but I opened up my mailbox this morning and discovered the following letter from the Illuminati, er, IRS. My translation will be in italics:
Notice of Status and Amount of Immediate Tax Relief
We screwed you

Dear Taxpayer:
Dear Snivelling Plebian, or in my case, "Dear People's Poet":

We are pleased to inform you that the United States Congress passed and President George W. Bush signed into law the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconcilliation Act of 2001, which provides long-term tax relief for all Americans who pay income taxes.
We want you to know that the United States Fascist Regime War Council, led by Herr Hilter (Hilter is wunderbar!) has made a new ironically-named decree for all you lot buying our propaganda.

In general, individuals who had taxable income and paid federal income taxes in 2000, and who could not be claimed as a dependent on someone else's tax return, are eligible to receive immediate tax relief in the form of a check.
In general, pig-person, you only get something back if you had a job and your pig-person parents didn't help you out.
According to the information on your 2000 federal tax return, you either did not pay any federal income taxes in 2000, did not have taxable income, or were claimed as a dependent on someone else's return.
Having scanned the bar code on your neck, Citizen #2938, it has been determined that you are either a jobless hobo, or your parents helped you out. Please report to Internment Camp Y-1138 at your earliest convenience.

Therefore, you will not be receiving a check at this time.
Ha ha. Piss off.
It then goes on to tell me that if I pay taxes in 2001, and stay off drugs, and stay in school, and remain a cracker-ass cracker, that I just might get a return next year! Thank you, Fascist Regime War Council!

So let's set the stage for this: My parents decided to claim me as a dependent last year since they paid for my final year's tuition at UT (I graduated in June of 2000). I had a job, and was paying for all of my other expenses.

Now, to be honest, it's not the money that I've been screwed out of that bothers me. I've got far more money with my new job than I need. Last year, even with my $15k a year job, I would've been OK, too. Things may have been tight, but it wouldn't have bothered me.

But what about poor families? Say a poor family has a 16 year-old son who works at the local grocery store to make some extra money for his parents. He's paying federal income tax with every paycheck. And he's getting claimed as a dependent by his parents.

So April rolls around, he files his taxes, and the totals inform him that he's going to be getting a $200 refund. Great! May rolls by. June rolls by. "Gee, where's that $200 Uncle Sam said they'd give me?" July starts heading through...and he gets the notice above. Wah wah!

Now, I may be off base on this one. If there was another requirement, say, "if you make more than x dollars a year and you're a dependent, you don't get a refund," I'd be perfectly fine with that. Rich bastards don't need to be richer bastards. But this just seems to utterly screw lower-income families who rely on returns. Is there another system for them, that renders my argument invalid? I'm hoping someone can enlighten me before the idea of my own leftist anarchist organization grows some new wings...
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