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September 11th, 2001

Please donate blood, urgently needed

The Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas
4300 N. Lamar Boulevard
Austin, TX 78756
Mon-Fri 8:00am-6:00pm
Sat 8:00am- 2:00pm
(512) 206-1266

Appts are NOT being accepted today (9/11)but WALK INS ARE WELCOME

About donating blood

September 11, 2001

Contact: Nicolette Abernathy, 206-1125; Leslie Searcey, 206-1120; or Dolly Mogonye, 206-1265


Austin, TX - The Blood and Tissue Center has been in communication all morning with the National Blood Exchange and the New York Blood Center. The National Blood Exchange is coordinating the efforts of all blood centers across the country and the tremendous outpouring of people wanting to donate blood. They are working with people at the two disaster sites to determine what blood products are needed and how many. They are also coordinating the transportation of the blood products to the disaster sites or nearby facilities that will be handling victims. As of right now, they have asked that people do not YET organize blood drives until the needs for blood have been determined - they do not want to have to waste blood products.

Currently at the Blood and Tissue Center, there have been so many people who have come to donate that there is at least a three-hour wait. The Center has pulled every available staff member into the Center at 4300 North Lamar Blvd to help process donors as quickly and efficiently as we can. In light of the requests from the New York Blood Center and the National Blood Exchange, we ask people to come donate blood later this week. Given the magnitude of these disasters, blood is going to be critically needed tomorrow, next week and beyond.

The Center will continue to update the community as developments occur. If you have questions regarding blood donation, please call the Center at 206-1266.

Gathering at Cafe Mundi

A gathering for freaks and geeks at Cafe Mundi tonight, called by a local Burning Man community member:

"I just got a call from Spivalicious of the groovepharm and he is inviting everyone to join him under the night sky at Cafe Mundi to gather and create positive ripples through dance and intention in the wake of the tragedies of this morning.�Many of us pray with our entire being....I hope you can join us tonight�between the hour of� 9 and midnight."

Another Austin Gathering

Cedar of Natural Magic has announced another gathering:

"I invite all of you to join a large and growing group who will meet at Peace Park tonite for prayer, vigil and magic in solidarity with the international Act of Magick explained below. We will be on the back side of the park away from Lamar near 24th street. This is where the disc golf course starts and the Ampgar group usually practices. We will be meeting a little before 8:00 PM."

I have also received a report that a gathering will take place at the Vortex Theater tonight as well. Both gatherings will feature a high Pagan/hippie/freak quotient, I am sure. ;)

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