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September 15th, 2001

Sep. 15th, 2001

From: An American Soldier
To: Everyone
Date: Sat Sep 15 08:32:18 2001
Message:I belive in America, I will defend America, I love my country. I mourn our loss at the hands of terrorists. I am ready to fight and possibly die to protect our nation from our enemies, whether they be foreign or domestic. But I refuse to hate an ENTIRE nation of people, just because the terrorists and Bin Laden are associated with Afghanistan. I'm positive that not every single Arabic, Muslim, Islamic, or Afghan on the planet hates the United States. So, why this desire from Americans to "kill all the f***ing ragheads"? If you're going to hate someone, hate the terrorists, hate Bin Laden, hate anyone who tries to kill Americans or destroy our way of life....but do not give in to the ignorant hatred of a society just because of a group of militant nutcases attacked us.Just remember, we are the melting pot of the world and were founded on living harmoniously with different ethnic groups. Don't let terrorism destroy the diversity of our culture! Oh, and if you are of military age and able-bodied and are posting about how much you want to go overseas and kill someone....then take your ass to the nearest military recruiting office and join up! I'm tired of people "telling" US troops where to go and what we should do when you people have never served a day in your lives. If you are a soldier or a veteran, you know how I feel......God Bless America

The Deluge Comes

If you have nothing to do this weekend or next, check out the Deluge at the Vortex Theater. The Vortex is an awesome place -- they do really unusual, exciting, artistic theater productions, and almost always new shows by local playrights, too.

Here is what I wrote about seeing the show last night.

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