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September 26th, 2001

Annie Sprinkle!

(Annie's amazing, folks! Some shows are already sold out, but tickets to others are still available!)

VORTEX Repertory Company
Annie Sprinkle�s Herstory of Porn

When: September 26-30, 2001 8pm
Five nights only!!

Where: The VORTEX 2307 Manor Road Austin, TX
Free Parking. Bus Route #20

Tickets: $15-$30
Wednesday $15 Thursday $20
(Thursday night is for women, transgender, and men dressed as women only)
Friday $25 Sat-Sun $30

Reservations: 478-LAVA

VORTEX Repertory Company presents the return of Annie Sprinkle�s Herstory of Porn. This show played to sold-out houses in the summer of 1998 and now returns to The VORTEX for five final performances. This will be Austin�s last chance to see Annie Sprinkle�s Herstory of Porn live on stage as Annie prepares to retire this particular piece.
Join Dr. Sprinkle, who has just received her PhD in Human Sexuality, as she explores the evolution of porn, combining theatre and film for an amazing social-political chronicle of Annie Sprinkle�s career including her work in feminist pornography. This work is an important look at the controversial porn industry and its function in society. Whether you love porn or hate porn, this piece is for you--An important statement on our world and our sexuality.
Adults only. No one under 18 will be admitted. Advance purchase recommended. Annie�s previous Austin engagements have all sold-out in advance. Don�t miss out. Please note that the Thursday performance will be for women, transgender, and men dressed as women only.
I've been arguing in a few other people's journals, so I thought it was time I posted something potentially inflammatory and allowed people to bitch in mine.
The Negative Impact of Pacifism from MSNBC
Please keep in mind that I can fully differentiate between those who pray for peace, we all do, and those who truly seek no action/reaction to obtain said peace.
Ideas? Comments? Suggestions?

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