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January 7th, 2002

Best of 2001 ...

This week's Chronicle reported its best of 2001 lists. On the Arts list was the iron belly muses, my girl friend's theatre company with whom I am an artistic associate (having done my share of work -- including graphic, web and sound design -- with the group):

"1. Big Love (Rude Mechanicals)
"2. Oklahoma! (Austin Musical Theatre)
"3. Jou�t (Zachary Scott Theatre Center)
"4. Cold Sassy Tree (Austin Lyric Opera)
"5. Ascending on Fields of Air (Sally Jacques)
"6. The Circumference of a Squirrel (Zachary Scott Theatre Center)
"7. Desdemona: A Play About a Handkerchief (iron belly muses) and Anna Bella Eema (Refraction Arts Project/Physical Plant Theater) In a year noteworthy for strong all-female casts, these shows took top honors. Sterling ensemble work by Holly Babbitt, Lee Eddy, and Tamara Beland, and Deanna Shoemaker's cheeky direction made Desdemona, Paula Vogel's take on Othello, a surprising, funny, and deeply human exploration of tension between the sexes, the classes, and friends. With Anna Bella Eema, a wondrous team -- writer Lisa D'Amour, director Katie Pearl, and actors Jennifer Haley, Paula Rester, and Stephanie Stephens -- tapped something rich and strange; their dense, enigmatic odyssey through a haunted trailer-park world was haunting.
"8. Wallpaper Psalm and Tilt Angel (Salvage Vanguard Theater)
"9. Jelly's Last Jam (Zachary Scott Theatre Center)
"10. Lypsinka! The Boxed Set (Zachary Scott Theatre Center)
"11. Requiem for Tesla (Rude Mechanicals)
"12. Romeo and Juliet (Ballet Austin)"
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There was a lot of outstanding work put into this show and so I'm glad -- and not just for me -- that Robert (Arts editor for the Chronicle) picked it. When you do a lot of work for which you don't get paid, it's nice to be patted on the back occasionally. Yeah!

Now if someone could just reach that one spot there ... just south of my shoulder blade ... and out ... of ... my ... reach.

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