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January 24th, 2002

Tenacious D appeared on Last Call with Carson Daly last night, and during the close they sang an impromptu song about the Middle East called "Hornet's Nest" - they name dropped cities and countries that were "hornet's nests" - Sudan, Uzbekistan, East Berlin, and Austin, Texas. I just thought that was cool. Austin seems to have a pretty big D following, and I got a kick out of that.
The end.
It looks like the anti-abortion front Justice For All will be returning
to UT next week with another gigantic display for the near-sighted.... for
pro-choice organizing, read on....

Thursday, January 24th at 7pm, there will be a meeting to finalize
planning for the Justice For All exhibit next week.Please come and bring any
information you have on abortion. We are trying to compile a master
file to have at the display so that we have all the information necessary to
counter the misinformation that JFA likes to spread.
Where:Quacks Bakery 43rd and Duval
When: 7pm

Sunday the 27th from 3-5pm we will have a sign/button making party. It
will be a great time to get to know other who are working on the issue and
letter a whole bunch of signs to wave. If you would like to come please e-mail
or call me for directions.

Tuesday the 29th Justice For All arrives at campus on the West Mall.
Lets give them a warm Pro-Choice reception with lots of signs and chanting.
We will of course be tabling near the exhibit and leading daily 12pm
We need lots of people to help hand out information, answer questions
and protest JFA. Please plan on coming out and supporting Choice.

Wednesday the 30th at 11:45 we will have rally for Choice. Dana Cloud,
a professor and member of the ISO has agreed to speak. We plan to march
and have a short speak out.

Thursday an event of undetermined nature will take place at 7pm. It
will either be a debate with JFA or a choice panel. More information will be


For those of you who consider yourselves music connoisseurs, check out the work of one of my local Austin friends.
It's quite unique!

He's been shamelessly plugging himself right and left, so I thought I'd help him out. ;)

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