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May 11th, 2006

Strip Clubs

What strip clubs allow smoking still?

May. 11th, 2006

What's the best place (cheapest, best return policy, etc.) to go for used video games? Specifically Nintendo DS games, and around central Austin if possible.

scooter registration question

Hey everyone. I have a Honda Metropolitan scooter and I just moved here from Massachusetts. What are the laws regarding registration? It's under 49ccs. Help. The DMV website didn't help me too much.
As much as I adore LA, I'm moving to Austin for school and I'm psyched. My first task is to find a moving company. I'm getting rid of all my furniture so I won't have any big items to deal with, just boxes. I was thinking I'd freight ship a pallet of my 25 or so boxes with DHL or FedEx. Then I remembered - what's up with those little mobile storage units, where they put the little unit in front of my house, I load it up, then they come pick it up, transport it to Austin and store it for 2 months until I need it? I think that type of thing would be perfect.

Do any of you know what those unit-things are called? Could you recommend a company? Have bad experiences? Please share...

Psychic Fair

The Psychic Fair will be at the Radisson Hotel on 6000 Middle Fiskville Rd. Austin, TX (Southeast Corner of Highland Mall) on May 20th and 21st from 10-6 on Saturday and 11-6 on Sunday.

What are they going to do for me?

Does anybody here know anything about what Austin Energy is doing for those that went a fairly long period without power? Yes, I know that everybody should have their power back, but are they giving any discounts or anything. My mother (who is a lawyer) suggested that I see if I can get compensated for the food that spoiled. Anybody know anything about this? I want reparations, damn it!

Okay. You guys get the point.
Does anyone know where I can get stalks of wheat for a craft project?

Kickball! Pickup game at Jaycee Field just south of Barton Springs at 7:00!!!



There is a really good fight this weekend; Ricky Hatton vs. Luis Collazo at the Fleet Center in Boston. It's on HBO (not PPV)

Most Sports bars in town don't show boxing, at least not the ones I tried to watch previous fights at. The only places I've seen that are showing it are places like the Yellow Rose and the Landing Strip. I don't want to smell like stripper, I just want to watch the fight.

Anyone know of any non tittie bar place that MIGHT show the fight?

KOOP Benefit: Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

a celebration of KOOP's new home

Friday, May 12th
1300 E. 4th St. (old Austin Daze headquarters next to the Red Scoot Inn)
Doors open at 8pm and music starts at 9pm

Entertainment from GRUPO FANTASMA, Brownout, Ocote Soul Sounds, Lannaya Drum & Dance, Super Continent and DJ Ni Ko Ti. An evening of world music, drum and dance to benefit and celebrate KOOP Radio. There is an $8 suggested donation. Please join us for this hot hot May night!

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