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May 18th, 2006

Yesterday while uploading pictures the electricity went out for a couple of seconds, causing our computer to reboot but it isn't getting to the point where it will restart. We can't seem to change directories even through the command prompt. We suspect the harddrive failed. Is there a place anyone can recommend for data recovery?


Reasonably priced pedicure place near central/campus? (not Kelly nails!) THANKS

Lost Cat

Our evil loving black cat escaped on Monday night. I had no idea there were so many resources for lost pets. We just moved to Pflugerville from the Parmer/Mopac area and he's probably completely disoriented. If you spot Spot (yes, our cat is named Spot, no it's nothing to do with Star Trek), please contact me! He is fixed and microchipped and lives for the feather fishing rod.


24 hour Fitness

Disclaimer: I hate this gym with a passion, already.

I got this email at work today:

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Census jobs for the taking

Hey all,

I've been working for the Census for about two months now, and it is a sweet gig. I found out today that they need 40 more workers, and the jobs will probably go through most of the summer. It pays $14.50 per hour, is pretty easy work, and has a 40 hour week of paid training. After training you can make your own schedule as long as it as least 25 hours per week. Enumerators and I believe most other positions are assigned to canvas areas near their home, so if you don't have a car this job is possible by bike or bus.

If any of y'all are looking for work and are interested, here's the information off of the webpage:

To find out more information about current employment opportunities with the Census Bureau in Travis County,
call toll-free at (888) 814-6711.

If you know anybody who needs work, please pass this on.


I'm being told the number above goes to a voicemail. Try (512) 369-1200 and see if that works. The only other contact information I have seen is Silvia Reveles, Austin Local Census Office, (512) 369-1208
I'm sorta broke/cheap but I need a decent haircut, so any suggestions for decent haircut places that offer a haircut for women for under 20 bucks preferably? [Just a haircut, nothing fancy like dyeing or style or anything]

I'd prefer not supercuts or procuts but if there's one of those that has good service and quality, I'll reconsider.
My friend texapocalypse recently almost died due to severe medical issues. He's also a very dear friend of ironman1231 (dropping names now, since ironman1231 is the owner of this here community). texapocalypse is also a member of austincommunity!

My money was on him dying, but instead he pulled through. Due to this miracle event of avoiding the bucket, he now is saddled with immense medical bills.

So, there is going to be a benefit to assist him with the bills. I don't think it matters if you know him, especially if you're willing to have a good time, donate some money, and want to help a fellow Austinite. (Its better than giving it to the homeless who will use it on drugs, besides, Joe will also use it on drugs, but they help save his life... up with drugs!)

Details of the Rockin' Roll Benefit have been placed behind the cut.

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austin (travis lake) question

hello - from toronto, coming to austin (but mostly travis lake area) for the July 4 weekend and wondering if there's any advice/comments about what the hell i'm getting into? i'm going with some friends for a buddy's bachelor getaway, but one person has organized this trip and i know nothing about it.

any help or comments will be appreciated.

thanks !o

dvd authoring help

dvd authoring help

dvd authoring whiz kid from AUSTIN wanted

I'm prepping my App for the TX filmmakers prodn fund (here in AUSTIN!)

I need to knopw how much it would cost to make a 90 minute documentary into a DVD

I would want a basic interface, a commentary track and about 30 mins of deleted scenes

what would YOU charge?

If I get the grant I'd hire YOU to do it

I have an emac (here in AUSTIN!) with DVD studio pro but I only know the basics of using it

Also, somebody I edited an "Ulitmate Fighting" tape (here in AUSTIN!) wants it on DVD... THAT youd get PAID for

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