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November 10th, 2006

Marine Corps cookies

Hi, since it's the Marine Corps birthday today, and veterans day tomorrow, I was wondering if anyone knew of bakeries that had cookies, cupcakes, or cakes already made up with something Marine Corps on them.  I want to share with my neighbor who's also a Marine, but didn't get a chance to order something ahead of time. 

If you have seen something like this, please let me know rough locations at least, since I'm not familiar with all areas of town.  I don't mind driving anywhere, so there's no restriction on location.  Thanks!

A House Divided

Hi everyone! Hope all is well in Austin. Do y'all know of any place in Austin that sells the House Divided license plate frames? I'm trying to get my hands on a Texas/Texas Tech one for a Christmas gift. Unfortunately, they don't really carry that stuff out here where I live.

Thanks for your help.

Iron Stone Bank

Does anyone have anything (good or bad) to say about IronStone Bank on West 38th St.?

183 @ Evelyn Road Closed

all lanes of 183 near mustang ridge are closed because a propane truck fought gravity and lost.

thank you, have a good day!

PS3/Wii launches

So anybody have any insider info on launch happenings next week? We missed all the chances to preorder :(

Salon/spas with childcare?

Hey y'all,

Besides Life Time Fitness, do you know of any salon/spas with childcare that accept 9-month olds?


Fundraiser Garage Sale

November 11th (that's tomorrow), we will be hosting a CMA Community Garage Sale. All proceeds will go to the Land Fund. We've got books, camping gear, clothes, general garage stuff, more books, some furniture, generic pagany stuff, etc.

Day: November 11th (tomorrow)
Time: 9am - ?
Location: 1206 Hackberry St
Austin, TX 78702

Nov. 10th, 2006

What are some places that sell things like herbs, crystals and things like this?

I know theres some place called ancient ruins or something like that.
but I dont know any of the other places, I dont know what they are called or where they are at.

I need to buy a gift for a friend whats the best place with the best selection?
thanks in advance

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