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November 30th, 2006

Travel Agencies

Can anyone recommend a travel agent here in Austin or anywhere? I've never used one to plan my vacation out before but I plan on taking a vacation with friends at the end of December/Start of January over New Years for about 9 days.

If it helps any...

Our possible ideas are:

Carribean Island (Virgin Islands, Bahamas, etc)
Las Vegas couple of days, then drive to Tahoe for some snowboarding
Beach in Mexico (Puerto Vallarta?)

Thanks in advance.
Any chance of school cancellation (snow day!) at UT? Any idea where I'd find this out prior to an 11:00 a.m. class?

Fun Fun Fun Fest

Fun Fun Fun Fest is tomorrow December 1st. This is an event sponsored by The Alamo Drafthouse held at Waterloo Park. There are three stages/ tents, tons of bands, doors open at 1 or so, music starts at 2 or so, and it goes until late. It'll be a great time, so come on out! :)

PS: I have a friend with an extra ticket. He's looking for face value ($20) for it. Please comment with your email address if you're interested and I'll get you in touch. :)

see.hear.speak seaking funny musicians

The 3 Day comedy festival See.Hear.Speak  is currently seeking musicians with a comedic bent for the "hear" portion of the festival.

Now in its 2nd year, See.Hear.Speak and is split across 3 nights. The first features comedic short films and sketch, the 2nd features funny music, and the 3rd features one man shows and standup. The festival will take place on January 18th, 19th and 20th at the newly opened Coldtowne Theater. On the music night (the 19th), there will be 2 shows- one at 8pm and one at 10pm. Most of the acts will be in quick 10 minute slots consisting of 2 or 3 songs.

It's unpaid, but 1) you'd have a space to sell merchandise 2)the keg is free for performers, 3) you'd have a rapt, enthusiastic audience in a theatre setting 4) the show would be filmed and you'd get a DVD of the peformance and 5) you'd be promoted on the Coldtowne website and promotional fliers

If you're interested, either respond here with a description of your act, contact info, and hopefully a link to a song or two, or e-mail me at seehearspeak@23goe.com with the same information.

Hot food....

So with the crazy cold that just blew in my friend and I have a craving for some nice hot soup. Where would be the best place? Open to anything really, we're not picky. Better in the central, south-ish area but if it's tasty and the best ever then we're willing to drive.

Thanks all!


Can anyone recommend (or at least provide contact information for) an attorney who deals with landlord-tenant issues? I'm going to need one.

Thanks very much.

EDIT: I've spoken with the Austin Tenants Council already; they're very difficult to get in touch with. I didn't ask them for attorney references (oops - hopefully it won't take three weeks of calling to get in touch with someone next time!) and am hoping someone has an actual attorney's name... Thanks!
I'm going to be visiting some friends out of the country who happen to like wine. I'm not a wine drinker, but I have heard good things about some of the wines in the Hill Country and I'd like to get them something local as sort of a gift from my part of the world.

1) Do you have any recommendations of types of wine?
(One friend suggested something from Flat Creek Estates. Any opinions on that?)

2) Is there a place *in* Austin to buy wines from the Hill Country. I don't have a lot of time, so I won't be able to drive out to the wineries.


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