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December 12th, 2006

New to the Community

Hi there, Litsa here. I'm an artist from Austin, TX. Although my style tends to bounce around a bit with my mood, I generally do fine line drawings that either end up on T-shirts or get mounted to wood. I also custom make shoes. If you have a color scheme and favorite fabric, let me create a perfectly unique pair o' kicks for ya.


Free Nutcracker Tickets for Sat night

'Tis the season for too many events on the same night...

I've got two tickets to the Nutcracker that need a good home.

Sat night, December 16th
Bass Hall at UT
Mid orchestra seats
Mother Ginger: Crestina Chavez, News 8 Austin

The deal: You tell me how to contact you. I give you directions on how to pick up the tickets.
Dear Film, Game, Music, Entertainment People, Friends, Investors and Fans,

Due to the holidays, we will meet only once this month on Wednesday December 13.

WHAT: The Austin Network Mixer is a networking `get together' where various people in entertainment industry can meet, forward their careers and share ideas and information.
WHEN: Wednesday December 13th from 6:30 PM Till Late
WHERE: Mother Egan's Irish Pub - 715 West 6th St. Austin, TX
WHO: Everyone involved in film and media... and YOU!
THEME: For this meeting we will have a series of round tables with a moderator at each table to take question and for each person at the table can discuss their current projects for a few minutes. We will switch tables every 20 minutes or so. Our moderators include:
Steve Barcik - Film Production
John McLean Director/writer- A Zombie Movie
Neil Stone Stone - Productions
David Peterson  - Screenwriter
Donise Hardy  - Casting Agent
Veronica Kelley-Albiez DVA Talent

Our next meeting will be on Wed Jan 10, 2007. Details will be in the next email. Meanwhile, Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!

Dec. 12th, 2006

Does anyone know where I can find Grade B maple syrup (such as that used for a Master Cleanse?)


sheenaqotj's post about his traveling issues has prompted me to ask: has anyone recently gone about getting their passport? I have an expired one (my goofy new adult teeth were coming in, that's how old it is) and I need to renew it. Is that process much different from getting a new one? I just looked online and found no friendly indication of steps to follow. Any help would be appreciated, especially rec's for good places here that will take care of the whole mess...

room available for college student

heya, i have a room available at Ballpark.
must be a student.
info @ craigslist

Spinning wheel search

It's a longshot but I figure I'll ask and maybe be pleasantly surprised...

Does anyone reading the comm own, or know someone local who owns, a Kromski Polonaise?

If you don't know what it is and would like to see one here is a pic.

I'm considering purchasing one of these as it is much more affordable than a similar but most-likely much nicer wheel of similar appearance.  I'd like to spin on the Polonaise if at all possible before I commit.


Wrapper's Delight

Anyone know where in town I can get some large and unusually shaped items giftwrapped?

Still keeping up the "Santa illusion" for a couple more years.

Faux fur

Looking for ideas on where I can get some soft black faux fur, specifically some which is soft (quality, not cheap looking or acrylic-scratchy) and at least 1/2" thick. I've already tried Jo Ann, Hancock Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, and Silk Road.

Anyone got any ideas? I only need enough to replace a collar and cuffs on a jacket.

P.S. I'm open to online sources too.

Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel!

Has anybody been to the ice skating rink on top of Whole Foods recently? Seriously, in 50-70 degree weather that thing is good and skateable?


I'm looking right now at the ad going out tomorrow for Steak N Shake! Here are the details of when they open!

Tomorrow is Opening Day! But the schedule is not 24hrs till after Christmas.

December 13-19 10am-10pm
December 20-23 7am-10pm
December 24 7am-6pm
Closed Christmas Day
December 26 6am-24hr schedule

So now you know! Get to planning!


where can i go feed ducks in austin?

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