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December 14th, 2006

I came home last night from work and my cat was missing. I live in the new development at the end of Sheraton Ave (right off of S. Congress- by St. Elmo St. or behind the Car Dealerships off of Stassney/35). I think she
may have snuck out when my roommate left the house last night. I
can't seem to find her anywhere and have reported her lost to Town
Lake, but please be on the look out. Here is some information and pictures.

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Her name is Tabby. She is about 2 years, but VERY small. She still
looks like a kitten- about 5-7 lbs. She is grey/white with some
tan/beige coloring around her face. She is very skidish when you are
close to her, and seems to galop when she runs. If she gets close,
she is very snuggly and seems to flip herself over while rubbing
against you. Her meow is very weak and sad sounding, and she hisses a
lot when she's scared. She left the house wearing a yellow reflective
collar that has a pink heart w/ her name and my phone number on it- it
may have fallen off. She also has a chip, but it is registered to
Town Lake which has a "Research Lab" listed as the owner. I found her
as a stray last year and have not had the name changed over.

Please be on the look out and contact me ASAP if you see her. She's
very friendly- so if you can catch her please take her in if possible
until you reach me.

Attached is the pictures and my phone number is: 512-567-8892, it's a
cell and you can call ANY TIME.

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Homemade Pickles

I knew someone a long time ago who had a grandmother who made the absolute best pickles I've ever tasted.

I've never been able to find a better pickle. EVER. It's ruined me on store bought pickles forever.

And, I haven't met very many pickling grandmothers ever since.

But you might have. You might even have a pickling grandmother.

So, if you have a good lead on some good homemade pickles, who might be interested in selling a bottle or two, please let me know.


(ps - I tried all those at the Farmer's Market already and most of the gourmet ones at Cen. Mkt)

Need help with a small home addition

I got an esitmate for the smallest laundry room added onto my house, 5x10 maybe...$13,000! And you know everything goes overbudget.

Looks like I'm going to try and build this myself, but I'd like to find a foreman (or forewoman!) type that I can pay to work with me and guide me. Frame up. Pier and beam, frame, small roof, a little bit of plumbing...just about the most basic addition you can add.

I've watched my neighbor get screwed over by multiple contractors for something that's still in an unfinished state. And now this 13K just so I don't have to go to the laundrymat once a week and spend $4?!?!

Any recommendations for good people?

Extra Laptop Anyone?

I asked about this before, but the one that was 'offered' did not materialize.

So, if anyone happens to have a working laptop hanging around they don't need/want, I'll take it off your hands.

What I'm looking for is a portable word processing device. It needs to have some method to transfer data (disk drive of some sort or internautical access capability). I'm not looking for a game-machine or a movie player or anything like that, just something inexpensive (i.e. free) that I can use to write on.

I need to be able to get away from my kids and wife and find a quiet spot to write.

If it runs Windows 95/95/XP whatever, don't really care. I need it to run some version of Microsoft Word.

A working battery and cable to charge it would also be nice.

I figure now is a good time to ask as some of you might be getting a new computer for Christmas.

And, for those that care, I type so much faster than I hand write, and it would save all that transcription time anyway.

what the hell

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - A Texas lawmaker is aiming to allow the blind to hunt. Texas State Representative Edmund Kuempel has introduced a measure that would allow blind people to hunt any game that sighted people can currently pursue.

Under the bill, blind hunters would be required to have a sighted hunter with them and would be allowed to use laser sights and other devices that are currently not allowed.

Let me just note, I have some wonderful friends.

My friend is *giving* me her car tomorrow. She's out of the country, but she's been letting her sister use it. Now that her sister doesn't need it for school anymore, she's giving it to me.
The title is in her fathers name, and he's visiting this weekend, and wants to get it taken care of.

To transfer title, do we just need to pay the tax and sign the title at a title company? How do we do this, for as little trouble on his part as possible?
Where do we (or can we) do this at?

Thanks for the info.

Home TV, Audio, Network set-up

Looking for someone to help, advise on potential wiring options for home audio, TV etc.

Some time ago I posted here about options for cable/internet/telephone service off South 1st, a few good suggestions for which I'm grateful, I ended up with Time Warner Cable which has so far worked out ok. However, the place the box is wired up, access to phone, wireless router location etc. leave a lot to be desired...

I figured I'd aks if anyone here is a geek and would like to come advise or even potentially help re-org things. Suitable compensation to be agreed...

dog boarding

For those looking for dog boarding, I thought I'd let you know of something I just found out while calling around. If you take your dog somewhere for boarding, most places let them out several times a day to go potty. PetsMart Hotel only lets them out TWICE per day. If you want your dog to go out more, you have to PAY EXTRA per potty trip, regardless of the pet's age or special needs. I thought this was just awful and that other dog owners should know this in case they decide to take their dog there.

Good Christmas lights displays

Anyone know of neighborhoods around Austin that have healthy doses of Christmas spirit channeled in their outside decorations? I'd like to go a-light-huntin' but was sorely disappointed last year in what I saw. I know there are places around that go all out (aside from the usual 37th-ish street display). Any input/direction would be greatly appreciated!

Funky jewelry

I'm for a good place to find jewelry that's sort of like the Magick Cauldron in Houston.


What do you recommend, Austin?

Discount Pet Vaccination Clinic

This Saturday, December 16, Pet Medical Services will have its monthly Austin discount clinics at the three Tomlinson's pet stores.

The locations and times are:

Ben White @ S. Lamar - 9:00am to 10:30am
Westlake (by the Flagship Randalls) - 11:00am to 12:30pm
Airport @ 49th 1/2 - 1:30pm to 3:00pm

Some services and products:

3-Year* Rabies Vaccines - $6
Puppy/Kitten boosters - $14
Heartworm tests for dogs - $18 (results in 10 minutes)
Microchipping - $26 + cost of registration with the company
Also, heartworm, flea, and tick prevention!

ALSO also, there is NO office or exam fee!

And unfortunately we are unable to treat sick or injured animals, you would need to contact a full-service vet instead.

For more info, you can comment here, email me at caitlyn@austinpetms.com or visit the website at www.austinpetms.com.
No appointment necessary, cash, checks, credit/debit, and trade-ins of small children to work the lab are accepted.

*your pet must have had at least one rabies vaccination to legally have their next be of a 3-year duration.

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