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Large Styrofoam blocks

Does any know where I can get large styrofoam blocks here in Austin? I need it for an art project and have already tried Craigslist

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New to photography needing practice

I have recently got into photography and I need more practice taking pictures of people. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is the deal. You pick the place and you pick what you wear I will show up and take your picture for as long as you would like. After that I can either email you the pictures or I can burn you a DVD-R with the pictures on it (for $4 to cover cd cost) right there. Please email me and ask me any questions you have. Also feel free to bring a friend the more the merrier.
Email me at lonelywaiter0@gmail.com

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Arboretum apartments roulette

I am moving back to town after a few years away... Of course rent has increased quite a bit lately so I've been looking for awhile because I'm looking to start my lease the first week of may.

Ok. So I wanna stay in the Arboretum area. I have lived in many apartments over there but wanted to get opinions on three I don't have experience with.

I'm looking at Great Hills, Village Oaks, and High Oaks.

Thoughts? Opinions? Complaints?

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Can someone please recommend a locksmith for South Austin?



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5'9", long dark hair, thin. Last seen late Monday, early Tuesday in Pflugerville near Homer's Bar and Grill. Driving a beat up hunter 1996 green Honda Civic with Texas plates CN3-P007.

If you have any information regarding Brooklyn please call Linda at (512)888-8945, Laura at (512)740-5792, or Pam at (512)415-3500, or 911.

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Cheap 1 bedroom apartment

Does anyone have any leads on cheap 1 bedroom apartments? Everywhere I look your gotta go through a leasig agent.

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Hypnotherapist needed

Does anyone know of a good cheap hypnotherapist in the Austin area?


Where in town can I go and get fingerprinted using the "ink and roll" method, not the digital way using the computer? I already have a fingerprint card that was given to me by the agency I'm getting them done for. I've already had them done the digital way through that L1 company that you get linked to from the DPS website and they were rejected. I apparently have poor ridge detail or something, so the agency has specifically asked that I use ink. When I called the L1 customer service and asked them, they said they won't do it. Can I just walk into a police station or something? Help!

Austin Cake Show

The 9th annual That Takes the Cake! Sugar Arts Show will be held at the North Austin Event Center (10601 N. Lamar Blvd, Austin TX 78753) on Feb. 23-24, 2013. This year's theme is "Cake to the Air, All Cleared for Cake-Off!" Competitors of all skill levels, including kids, can submit entries to win fabulous prizes and national media recognition. Celebrity judges/demonstrators include Mike McCarey, Lauren Kitchens, Nicholas Lodge, James Rosselle, Marina Sousa, Roland and Marsha Winbeckler, and more.

General admission is $8 per day or $14 for a weekend pass when purchased online in advance (door: $10/day or $17/weekend). Bring a non-perishable food item for Capital Area Food Bank to save $1 off at-the-door entry price. Children under 18 are free for General Admission. All other events require separate registration.

"That Takes The Cake!" is hosted by Capital Confectioners' Cake Club, a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing, promoting, encouraging, and expanding the appreciation and practice of the arts of cake decorating, confections, and related media. More information about the club is available at www.capitalconfectioners.com.

A portion of the proceeds of "That Takes The Cake!" also provide scholarships for local culinary students.


Saturday, February 23, 2012 10:30 am to 6 pm
Sunday, February 24, 2012 9 am to 5 pm

First tattoo

I am getting my first tattoo - something rather quaint in the way of my sister's name on my right wrist. I wanted to know if any of you could recommend the best artist in town who could look at what I wrote and copy the font/style. What would a tattoo consisting of five letters run, money-wise (ballpark estimates, of course)? Do I need to call ahead and make an appointment?

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