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This is the original Austin area Livejournal Community, and also the largest. All Austinites are welcome. Round Rockers, get your own community, ya scurvy bastards!

Just kidding, of course.

The rules are:
1. Play nice. If you cross the line, I'll have to remove your posting privileges.
2. Please avoid political discussions. There is a forum for that: Austin Political Discussion.
3. Mods don't read every post. If there is something that you feel violates the spirit of this community, please email the moderator.
4. Large pictures go under a cut. To make everyone happy, please consider the size of any picture you post and politely put it under a cut if it's large.
5. Posts with disabled comments will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned.
6. Stay on topic. Austincommunity is for discussion of Austin related events - music, film, parties, protests, where to find good food or groceries, etc. It can also be a place for friendly discussion of things related to life in Austin. It's not a place to bash someone or to spout off about your political views. I don't care if you're Republican or Democrat - you're welcome here - and you're welcome to invite everyone in the community to your event, but as soon as you start calling people names, you're fired.

Example of a good post:
"Where can I get the best sushi in Austin?"

Example of a bad post:
"I happen to live in Austin, what is the best kind of sushi?"

Example of a REALLY bad post:
"Hey my computer is busted, help me fix it!"

Keep in mind that if Google can answer your question, it probably isn't a good idea to post it here. Also, if you run a search and the post is a bit old, feel free to re-post the question as we understand things like where to find the best food can change from time to time. If you would like to discuss things not related to Austin with other Austinites, there are plenty of other communties for that, although it would probably be best to ask a good Austin-related question and bring up your discussion in it:

If you have an Austin community and would like to be listed here, please send me an e-mail and I'll add it here.

Who are the maintainers (further referred to as gods), and how can I reach this person?

( AIM: joshutup or joshdoesntwork - EMAIL: joshutup@gmail.com )
( AIM: aeryn42 - Email: aeryn42@ gmail.com - please email me, do not "lj-message" me)

Their goal is to keep the community on track, on topic, and hate free. They will continue to allow Austin related topics to remain while deleting off-topic items. They will add a post before deleting so that you'll know why you got deleted. They will delete outright offensive comments when they are seen, but will do their best to not do that - they are not censors - they are protectors of decorum and legality.

If you feel that anyone is out of line (other than grumpydragon, who is certainly out of line like 99% of the time), please let one of the maintainers know.

Austin Community was created by ironman1231 in an effort to bring a sense of community to the Austin-area Livejournal users, and he's happy to have turned over the reins to the current maintainers.
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